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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Business for Youth Hostels of the Nordmark Regional Youth Hostel Association

(DJH-Landesverband Nordmark e. V.)

Youth hostels are establishments run by the regional associations of the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH), or establishments run by other agencies affiliated to the DJH. Their facilities are principally intended for young persons and families.


The contracting partners shall be the DJH regional association operating the youth hostel in question, and the guest. The youth hostel shall act in its capacity as an authorised representative of the DJH regional association. Should a third party have booked on behalf of the guest, he shall be liable to the DJH regional association together with the guest as joint and several debtors for all obligations under the accommodation contract, insofar as a declaration by the third party to this effect has been supplied to the youth hostel.


1. Reservation

1.1 Guests may reserve their accommodation in person, by telephone, by fax, by post, by e-mail, or online.
1.2 The reservation request should contain the following details: name, address, dates of arrival and departure, number of persons, stating male/female, date of birth, membership number (if available), age of children (if a family), and catering preferences.
1.3 The reservation shall be binding on both sides upon written or verbal acceptance, or upon conclusion of a written accommodation contract or acceptance.
1.4 A written accommodation contract shall be concluded with families, groups, and for longer stays.
Accommodation, once agreed, shall be kept available until 6.00 p.m.; after that time it may be allocated to other guests. A later arrival must be agreed with the hostel management.
Guests without a reservation may only stay overnight if the accommodation situation so allows.


2. Payment

2.1 Costs of services so booked shall be payable upon arrival at the latest. The DJH regional association shall be entitled to require the guest to make a reasonable advance payment, or to provide security in the form of a credit-card guarantee, upon conclusion of contract. Further details shall be governed by the accommodation contract concluded.
2.2 Should the guest be in default of payment following the due time of payment in accordance with statutory regulations, the DJH regional association shall be entitled to claim the statutory arrears interest payable in each case. The DJH regional association reserves the right to prove a greater loss. For each reminder following commencement of arrears the guest must reimburse the DJH regional association for reminder charges of EUR 5. The guest shall pay all further costs incurred in the process of debt collection.
2.3 The place of fulfilment and of payment shall be the location of the youth hostel in which the accommodation has been provided.


3. Cancellation

3.1 Guests without a written accommodation contract or acceptance may cancel their booking by telephone. Cancellation must be received at the youth hostel by 6.00 p.m. on the day before scheduled arrival.
3.2 Guests with a written accommodation contract or acceptance must cancel in writing. Cancellation must be received by the youth hostel at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled day of arrival, unless agreed otherwise in the accommodation contract. Any correction to the number of participants must also be made in writing at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled day of arrival.
3.3 Reservations made within eight weeks prior to arrival and cancellations made thereafter shall be subject in all cases to the rules set out in the next Section under Cancellation Payment.
3.4 Up to four weeks prior to the day of arrival youth hostels shall be entitled to withdraw from the acceptance of reservation or written accommodation contract already conveyed to a guest so contracted if the services so promised or agreed are unavailable. In such cases they shall have a duty immediately to inform the guests who have so reserved or contracted that the said services are not available and to return any advance payments already made. Guests so affected shall receive assistance in searching for replacement accommodation.

4. Cancellation Payment

4.1 Should the periods of notice for cancellation fail to be met, or should the beds or rooms not be used, the youth hostel will claim compensation amounting to fifty per cent of all agreed services per person/room per day, unless the guest can prove that a lower loss, or no loss, was incurred.
4.2 Should the costs incurred by the youth hostel through the withdrawal be provably greater than this all-inclusive sum, the guest shall be a debtor in this greater sum.
4.3 Compensation shall be waived if the agreed services are used by other guests.


5. Membership

To be admitted to a youth hostel it is necessary to be a member of the German Youth Hostel Association (Deutsches Jugendher-bergswerk), or of another association belonging to the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF). Guests must prove their membership upon admission to the youth hostel. Groups of children and young people must be accompanied by at least one per-son responsible for their supervision.


6. Personal Membership

6.1 Membership of the DJH can be obtained at all DJH membership-card issue points (including youth hostels and offices of the DJH regional associations) by all persons with fixed residence in the Federal Republic of Germany.
6.2 Individual guests up to 26 years old will receive a Junior Card.
For individual guests aged over 26, and for families, there is the Family/27plus (Fam/27+) Membership Card.
Partnerships similar to marriage shall be the equivalent of families if they have a joint residence.
Children of full age up to 26 years old may retain joint use of their parents' family membership as long as they are single and do not require their own family membership.An individual membership card may be issued for each family member. Children of full age shall require their own membership card.
Guests from abroad who are not members of an association affiliated to the IYHF may obtain the International Guest Card, or a "Welcome Stamp" for every night, issued on the spot.


7. Membership by Organisations

7.1 Schools, youth groups, clubs, associations, foundations, companies, corporations and other organisations can acquire corporate membership and will receive Group Membership Cards for this purpose. Admittance shall be governed by the Charter of the Ger-man Youth Hostel Association / Central Association for Youth Hiking and Youth Hostels (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, Hauptverband für Jugendwandern und Jugendherbergen e.V.), and the DJH regional associations.

7.2 Using the Group Membership Card, the leader of a group may stay overnight in a youth hostel with the group. The Group Member-ship Card shall not be a substitute for individual membership. It shall not be transferable to other institutions or persons.
7.3 A group shall consist of at least four participants, including the leader. Group leaders must be at least 16 years old.
Group Membership Cards shall not be supplied to travel agencies or other businesses acting on a commercial basis as agents supplying travel services. Even if a booking is made via an agent, the group so travelling must have its own membership.


8. Prices

Prices shall be as set out in the Price List of the Nordmark Regional Youth Hostel Association or the youth hostel itself, unless other prices are agreed in the accommodation contract. Price Lists may be obtained from the Nordmark Regional Youth Hostel Association and from the youth hostels.


9. Liability

9.1 Guests who culpably cause damage to buildings and their contents shall be required to pay compensation under the terms of statutory regulations (including parents or legal guardians and organisers).
Liability for loss or theft of valuables, or damage thereto, can only be accepted if such valuables have been expressly given for safe keeping to the management of the youth hostel or its representatives, unless the DJH, its governing bodies or vicarious agents have caused the said loss or damage deliberately or though gross negligence. Statutory regulations shall also apply thereto.
No liability shall be accepted for damage to motor vehicles (including their contents) or bicycles parked on the grounds of the youth hostel, unless the said damage was caused deliberately or through gross negligence by the DJH, its governing bodies or vicarious agents.


10. Concluding Provisions

10.1 Any amendments or supplements to the accommodation contract, to the acceptance of reservation, or to these Terms & Condi-tions of Business, and to all further services for supply by the DJH regional association to the guest in this context, must be in writ-ing. Unilateral amendments or supplements by the guest shall be invalid.
Any invalidity of individual provisions in these Terms & Conditions of Business shall not entail invalidity of the accommodation contract as a whole. Should individual provisions in these Terms & Conditions of Business for the accommodation contract be or become invalid or null and void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.


Status December 2011

Terms and Conditions of Use

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