Bed in shared room:
Shared room € 27.00
Own room (room rate):
Single room € 42.00
Double room € 64.00
Four-bed room € 110.00
Five-bed room € 137.50
Six-bed room € 165.00
Six-bed room (adult with minor child) € 155.00
Price notes
Members only
Hostels are meeting places for members. Their use is only possible with a DJH membership card or with a Hostelling International card (international guest card).
Single guests and parents of adult children
Guests aged 27 and over pay a surcharge of € 5.50 per night. When booking a family stay with at least one child under the age of minority, no surcharge is payable.
Low prices for families
Children up to 2 years of age can stay here free (no charge for accommodation or meals).
When booking a family stay, children aged 3-5 years pay the family children price.
Group leaders
Group leaders (with a group card) do not have to pay the surcharge of € 5.50 per night if they are part of a group stay. They will receive an individual room.
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